Bonds Used Often in Construction

Within the construction industry bonds are frequently used to help reinforce industry regulations and contractor/client relationships.  Many of us outside the construction and bonding issue are at a loss when trying to understand the purpose of construction bondsas well as how they work to benefit each individual in the process.  Don’t worry though because this…

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4 Surety Bonds for Small Business

Surety bonds are often associated with insurance.  This is understandable for a few reasons.  Bonds provide coverage for losses that are incurred and are often sold by insurance agents.  The difference however is that with surety bonds they must be noted where as regular insurance does not. In the article below we will discuss several…

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Surety Bond Hike Makes Change for Small Business

The Connecticut Business & Industry Association reports that small businesses will have more contracting opportunities beginning in 2017. A law recently signed by President Obama increases the maximum Small Business Administration surety bond guarantee percentage from the current 70 percent to 90 percent. “This is the first significant legislative change to the surety bond guarantee…

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