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September Newsletter

Fall is certainly knocking on our door and with that there is a push to wrap up jobs.  Once all of the current jobs are finished oftentimes Municipalities and Schools find “surplus” monies that need to be spent prior to the years end.   Let us help make sure you’re ready to capitalize on these situations.

Final Consents of Surety

Its September, school is back in session and jobs for the schools are wrapping up.  Oftentimes a Final Consent of Surety is required by the Obligee.  If you are in need of a Final Consent of Surety here is the process to secure one:

  1. Forward the name and contact information of the person that Is overseeing the job.
  2. A Status Report is sent to this individual to have it completed.
  3. Once this Status Report is completed and returned to us, it will be reviewed for approval to issue the Final Consent.
  4. If there have been change orders the surety will bill for the additional exposure!  Always be aware of this and be sure to include your bonding cost when quoting change orders.
  5. Once the Surety approves it the Final Consent it will be issued.

DON’T FORGET:  Keep an eye out for additional opportunities that may arise and require a Bid Bond or Performance and Payment Bond.

Submissions Email

Please help us process your requests quicker by utilizing the following email for them:


This email will help assure that your request will receive the same, if not faster, attention that you have always received.  The email is monitored all day, every business day.  

Please make a note in your records and help us take great care of all of your bonding needs.

“Bonds Are All We Do!”

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