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Efficient Surety Bond Producers

Surety bond producers are the middle people between the surety company and the contractor. Construction bond producers understand the surety and construction industries and are crucial when seeking to acquire surety credit.  

The surety bond producer can make or break an active contractor’s surety as they determine approval, bond size, and collateral obligations. They also act as the expert or guide for contractors aiming to secure a bond by working with surety companies on their behalf.

Some characteristics of efficient surety bond producers include the ability to create lasting relationships, awareness of local and national markets, accounting and financial proficiency, willingness to write within the market, capacity to review statements and bond applications, obtaining the most optimal rate, and suggests evaluations honestly.

Underwriters who have good relationships with producers are more likely to work with them to brainstorm new ideas or undergo risks they might not otherwise undertake with lesser-known producers. Since surety bond producers must thoroughly understand contracts and construction law, they should also be informed on local and national construction markets.

Aptitude in accounting and finance is of utmost importance when it comes to surety bond producers. Adequately evaluating accounts before underwriters see them is imperative to success. Professional producers do not engage with applications that will be declined. Reviewing financial statements and other bond application requirements is crucial, as the surety bond producer will also be mindful of the applicant’s credit.

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