Vehicle Dealer Bonds Increased

February 14, 2023

Since January 23, 2023, the Michigan Uniform Vehicle Dealer Surety Bonds (also known as Michigan auto dealer bonds or Michigan motor vehicle dealer bonds) has increased from $10,000 to $25,000. 

Mandated by Michigan Compiled Laws 257.248, the surety bond requirement has yet to be distributed to all motor vehicle dealers. Any individuals or business entities who sell or deal in five or more motor vehicles within a 12-month period are subject to the code. This ensures the public will receive compensation for any damages if the auto dealer is not in compliance with the dealer licensing law.

Regulated by the Michigan Secretary of State, the Michigan legislature enacted the license to guarantee dealers engage in ethical business practices such as remitting payment for taxes and fees. Specific licenses are required for auto dealers by the State of Michigan, depending on the nature of the business. Dealers will need to acquire a license for each type of business they are active in. 

The different types of Michigan Dealer Licenses are:

  • Class A: New Vehicle Dealer
  • Class B: Used Vehicle Dealer
  • Class C: Used Vehicle Parts Dealer*
  • Class D: Broker
  • Class E: Distressed Vehicle Transporter*
  • Class F: Vehicle Scrap Metal Processor*
  • Class G: Vehicle Salvage Pool*
  • Class H: Foreign Salvage Vehicle Dealer
  • Class R: Automotive Recycler*
  • Class W: Wholesaler*

*It is important to note that classes C, E, F, G, R, and W are exempt from the surety bond requirement. 

The Michigan Department of State requires that existing bonds be increased with a rider amendment document provided at the next renewal. The deadline for filing paperwork to increase the Michigan auto dealer amount is December 31, 2023. Any dealers who do not file the required documents before the deadline will potentially have their licenses canceled.

All existing bonds are subject to the increase at the next renewal term, so dealers who have active bonds already on file with the state of Michigan can expect the bond amount to increase by inflated premiums on their next renewal term. Any newly paid renewal invoices should be filed with the state of Michigan.


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